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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Justifiable expenditure - My season ticket.

It's not been cheap and it shall only get more expensive as I head out this season following the reds.  However, whilst the season ticket plus Cup Scheme matches will be a thousand pounds I can't help but think it is going to be worth every penny this year.  A bright new bunch of players, a new rich rival down the road and an almost unbeatable Barcelona waiting in Europe somewhere means this seaon is going to be utterley riveting, nerve-shattering and exciting from the start.  Just look at the fixture list on this blog and you shall see the first month for us is crucial.  That is why it's totally justified for me to be going mental in the East Stand come Monday night!

Here are the pics I promised:

Membership Pack: Includes access to all reserve games.

Season Ticket access card and paper ticket for Monday.

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