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Sunday, 26 February 2012

UEFA Europa League Man United Ajax - Videos - Images #mufc

I am looking forward to the Tottenham game this weekend coming. Arsenalhammered Spurs today and Scott Parker was sent off so this game is going to be massive! We must win this game to keep the pressure on Man City so I hope Wayne Rooney is back from his sore throat. I cannot believe that Tom Cleverley has injured his ankle again. He has missed most of the season now due to this, we just can't seem to keep players fit at Carrington these days. Our injury list has been a constant problem foor us all season long. Oh well, at least we managed to win at Norwich thanks to goals from the two legends; Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

Manchester United's revenue increased to £175million in the last six months of 2011, the Barclays Premier League club has announced.
United, who are second in the table behind neighbours and bitter rivals Manchester City, released their financial report for the fourth quarter of 2011.
The figures showed that the club's total revenue at the end of 2011 stood at £175million, an increase of £18.5million on the figure of £156.5million, which United declared at the end of 2010.

The club have experienced increases in matchday revenue - up from £52.4million to £54.5million, media revenue - up from £53.7million to £60.9million, and commercial revenue, which has risen to £58.6million from £50.4million.
The club, who were taken over by the Glazer family in 2005, have a debt of £439million as of the end of last year, down from £508 million the previous year.
The reason behind the decrease in the club's debt is because United have bought back some of the bonds that were sold as part of a £500million refinancing exercise at the start of 2010.

United also reported that total operating costs rose sharply from £96.9million to £110.8million.
Net player capital expenditure jumped from £11.7million £47.9million due to the summer signings of David de Gea, Ashley Young and Phil Jones and general capital expenditure rose by £10.4million, thanks partly due to the cost of refurbishment of the club's hospitality boxes at Old Trafford.
The figures show the Red Devils currently have a bank balance of £50.9million.
The club are expected to experience a decline in income over the next six months after dropping down to the Europa League from the Champions League.

By Keith Weir
LONDON (Reuters) - A rise in commercial and media revenue helped English Premier League champions Manchester United to report growth of almost 8 percent in first half earnings on Tuesday, underlining the cash-generating power of the American-owned club.
United, the most successful soccer club in the English game, said earnings before tax, interest, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) increased 7.7 percent to 64.2 million pounds in the six months to the end of December.

Though United's on-field supremacy is being challenged at home by crosstown rivals Manchester City, backed by cash from Abu Dhabi, and they suffered an early and costly exit from the Champions' League, Europe's premier club competition, their brand remains attractive.
Deals with kit supplier Nike, shirt sponsor Aon Corp and delivery company DHL, which sponsors the club's training kit, contributed to a 16 percent rise in commercial revenue to 58.6 million pounds.
Total revenue grew to 175 million pounds in the period, up 11.8 percent. Media revenues contributed 60.9 million pounds, up 13 percent, while matchday revenues at 55.5 million made up less than a third of the total.
United now employ almost 700 people, up almost 100 on a year ago. However, staff costs account for only 43.7 percent of revenue, a relatively sober figure in the spendthrift world of British soccer.
A recent report by Deloitte put United in third place for soccer revenues in 2010-11, behind Real Madrid and European champions Barcelona.

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Sir Alex interview and Images from Manchester United vs Liverpool Feb 2012 #mufc

Sir Alex Ferguson has given an interview for BBC Radio 5 with Spoony:

This is just a quick update as I have been very busy this weekend, I shall be making some animated gifs from the Europa League match in Amsterdam against Ajax and I will make some videos at the home leg when Ajax come to Old Trafford.

I read that Luis Suarez is planning on attending the Ajax return leg at Old Trafford, if this is true and it has been mentioned in the press then I can only say what the f@ck!  If Kenny Dalgleish and Liverpool can't stop this idiot attending then they deseve all the criticism they get.  This attention seeking tosser is trying to put himself in the spotlight again regardless of the impact on anyone else, his club included.

It seems that Luis Suarez wants to keep this going and the President of Uraguay has shown surprising lack of understanding and civilisation by backing Luis Suarez no matter what.  It beggars belief that som many people acting so ignorantly in regards to such a serious issue. It is becoming more and more obvious to me the England does more to deal with racism and seems to understand the issue better than any other country in the world.  It really makes me proud and I can only imagine how stressful it must be to be black in one of these other countries.

Unfortunately as players come back from injury we manage to lose others.  It was great to see Tom Cleverley back from injury but to lose Antonio Valencia who is one of our most in form players is quite depressing.

As you can see from this injury list: as of 20th February 2012 Manchester United have 10 player injured.  It seems that United just cannot get this number below 10, how we are in the current league position whilst managing what amounts to half a squad I do not know.  If it wasn't for Man United genious manager Sir Alex Ferguson I'm sure we would be further down the table.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Man United animated gifs - Chelsea and Liverpool matches Feb 2012 #mufc

Animated gif slideshow

Picasa SlideshowPicasa Web AlbumsFullscreen

Another bunch of animated gifs for ya, I grabbed some from the Chelsea away game and some from the controvesy ridden Liverpool home game in February 2012.  Plenty of animated gifs goals and celebrations.  including Patrice Evra and his celebrations that were criticised for being distasteful.  This due to the proximity of one Luis Suarez,  Man United soon-to-be-legend Patrice was going crazy after the game.  He looked so emotional and I felt the same.  After Luis Suarez refused to shake the hand of Evra the tone was set for a passionate game and that is exactly what we got! 

I wish we had pressed Liverpool harder towards the end of the game, it would have given me some more animated gifs to make but as it happens there wasn't much of note in the game.  There were only 2 bookings and only Glen Johnson forced Man United keeper David De Gea to make a save, one which he tipped over the bar but I'm not sure was going in anyway.  Never mind, I shall be making some more videos or animated gifs or both from the next game: Ajax in the Europa League tie to be played in Amsterdam.  I'm pretty gutted I cancelled this trip now but nevermind, I'll be back at the aways soon.

 There was a recent interview with Sir Alex Ferguson posted on the webs recently, it's from and is very interesting.  It's always great to hear SAF in interviews outside of MUTV.  He always has insightful views and I am always impressed by just how little he seems to stand still.  He really does know how to move with the times and remain at the head of the pack.

Sir Alex, how do you think your team’s been performing this season?
We’ve had our ups and downs and we’ve been unlucky with injuries. We’ve had a lot of them, which you don’t expect, and we’ve got people like Nemanja Vidic and Darren Fletcher out for the whole season. You can replace your best players for a game or two, but you really notice the difference over a longer period, and that’s what’s happened to us. Even so, we’re fighting hard to win the Premiership again and there’s a lot of merit in that. Obviously I’m optimistic about our chances.

Has the team suffered because you’ve not been able to rotate players?
These days it’s very, very hard to use the same players for every match. The game’s so fast now that players suffer a lot more muscle fatigue and need more rest. You’re talking about players who run 13 or 14 kilometres every game – a lot more than in the past – and you have to keep your whole squad in the best possible shape.

There are two new title challengers in England this season. Do you think the Premier League is more competitive now?
There’s always been competition. The difference now is that instead of a big four, with us, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool a little further back, we’ve got a big six, with Tottenham, who’ve finally become competitive, and Manchester City, who’ve spent a lot of money. That’s made the path to the title a lot tougher.

Does Manchester United’s surprise UEFA Champions League exit still hurt?
It was a massive disappointment because my feeling is that if we’d gone through, we would have gone on to the final. For me the problem was the home game against Basel. We were 2-0 up and then missed four or five clear-cut chances. We ended up losing our concentration and though we managed to salvage a draw, it was a bad result for us. It left us having to go and get at least a point in the return game. And though we dominated the match, we didn’t score, and when that happens you don’t deserve to win.

Basel did cause you problems, though...
Yes, they did. The thing is you’ve always got to dictate the pace when you’re a big team like us. The sides competing in the Champions League now are much better on the break than they used to be. A few years back opponents would send two or three players into our half whenever they got on the ball, but now it’s five or six, and at pace too. I think that’s one of the biggest overall improvements we’ve seen in the game recently.

You came off second best in last year’s final against Barcelona. Is there anything you could have done differently that night?
I don’t regret anything we did because they were the better side. The first two goals were entirely avoidable and maybe with a bit of luck we could have won the game, but when the other team’s that bit better than you, then there’s not much you can do about it.

Do you think that Barcelona and Real Madrid are ahead of everyone at the moment?
I still think Barcelona are the best team in Europe, although Real Madrid are closing the gap on them. The lead they’ve got in the league shows that. They might be on the same level as them soon, but for the moment Barça have still got that magical ability to play a game that’s beyond everyone else. When [Lionel] Messi, Xavi and Andres Iniesta are on song, they’re just unstoppable.

Your club has this remarkable ability to stay at the top despite spending very little on transfers. Is that a deliberate strategy?
We decided a few years ago to create a structure with young players, like Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson, and we also knew we had some talented youngsters coming through the academy, like Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley. All we’ve had to do since then is just build things around a few young players. With that as our strategy we’ve not had to spend huge amounts of money to stay competitive because we’ve already got the talent at home.

Do you feel then that despite the setback in Basel, Manchester United are still able to compete with the European elite?
Like I said, I feel we had the ability to go all the way to the final. Luck wasn’t on our side, but I think we’ve got the ambition to compete with Barcelona and Real Madrid, and I don’t feel we’re that far away from them. I’m sure we’ll show that soon.

Sir Alex, you’ve been at Manchester United for 25 years now, which makes you the club’s longest-serving manager. What’s been the key to your success?
It has a lot to do with the club. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a more long-term view and change direction towards where I think it should go. I can plan two or three years ahead, which is something that doesn’t happen hardly anywhere else. This is a results industry and if a manager loses four or five games in a row then his job is under threat. But at United that scenario simply isn’t possible. I’m in charge of all footballing matters, including our scouting network and youth teams. In that sense I’m very fortunate, because I can make quick decisions on who to bring in next to strengthen the squad and where to get them from.

A few years ago United’s success was based around players brought through the club’s youth system, whereas nowadays few make that leap. What has changed?
It has to do with a change in the legislation. A few years ago the requirement was brought in that you could only sign young players that lived within an hour-and-a-half radius of the club’s headquarters. It wasn’t like that before, which was how we were able to sign such fantastic young lads. But since it became physically impossible to find six or seven players a year so close by, we decided to change the priorities of our scouting system. As a result, we started to bring in very talented players from abroad and we’ve had success that way. But it’s true, in terms of developing players from within the club, it’s been a long time since we produced a player of David Beckham’s calibre. But the legislation changed again a short while back and it’ll be like it was 15 year ago once more, so I’m very optimistic we’ll be able to get the production line we had in the past going again.

What part do you play in signing players from abroad?
Let me use Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez as an example. Our chief scout had a contact in Mexico who mentioned the lad’s name, which was the first step. He got hold of some videos of Chivas' matches and showed me them. When we watched them we thought, “This lad’s got promise”, but you can’t decide to sign someone just by watching them on a screen. So I sent my chief scout over to Mexico for a month, with a view to seeing what the player was like on and off the pitch. And that’s how we discovered that his father and his grandfather had both played at World Cups and that the lad was on the verge of national-team selection. After all that, it was a pretty easy decision. We carried out all the necessary steps and managed to sign him before South Africa 2010, which was important as his value would have increased afterwards.

How much do you think football has changed over the time you’ve spent in the game?
Enormously. To begin with, when I first started out in management 37 years ago there were no agents. Imagine that! There was no freedom of contract either, so players were totally tied to their clubs. A change in that sense was inevitable, though I think that now the scales tipped completely in the other direction and I’m not sure it’s good for the game. Of course the way the media works has changed too, there’s a lot of pressure on journalists to publish huge news stories – not just about sport but about everything – and that’s had an impact on us, no doubt about it.

And how about the players and what happens out on the pitch?
In that sense, I think the biggest change over the last decade has been the improvement in playing surfaces. They’re fantastic now and, given the technological advances in that area, playing on a poor pitch has become very unusual. And the other big change has been in sports science, which has progressed at an astonishing rate. For example, when I started out at Manchester United my entire coaching staff consisted of just eight people, and that included my assistant coaches, fitness trainers and scouts. Now I’ve got ten sport scientists! It’s a radical change.

Do you think that the pace of the game has become quicker as a result?
That’s inevitable, as progress and increased speed go hand-in-hand. Cars are faster now, trains are faster, everyday life moves faster, and players in other sports are also quicker now. And well, given all that speed, it’s only logical that the pace of the game of football also increases. That’s also meant an equivalent increase in the risk of serious injuries. For example, 30 years ago we’d never see cruciate knee ligament injuries and now they’re very common.

If you could pick just one moment from your long and illustrious career, what would it be?
Winning that Champions League final against Bayern Munich in Barcelona [in 1999], no doubt about it. It was a feat I’d never achieved before personally and the last time the club had done it was in 1968, so it really was long overdue. Nor must we forget, of course, that it was a brilliant game!

Finally, having already changed your mind once about retirement, how long do you see yourself continuing in the game?
My philosophy is that, for as long as I’m enjoying my job and I’m in good health, I’m going to carry on here. I don’t think you can set yourself limits, but nor can you plan too far ahead because you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. The time will come [for me to retire], obviously, but right now it’s not something I’m thinking about.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool. Luis Suarez shuns Patrice Evra. + Chelsea HQ images. #mufc

The Premier League match of Manchester United versus Liverpool football club was always going to be a lively one with an electric atmosphere but Luis Suarez did everything he could to make sure the racism saga continued. Refusing to shake Man United captain Patrice Evra s hand set the tone right away, and showed his true colours. Luis Suarez does not know the meaning of sportsmanship or respect for the opposition. I cannot believe that he has been allowed to embarrass Liverpool football club this much. I also am stunned that Kenny Dalgleish can say that this man is innocent of any wrong-doing. I wonder how long it will be before the new owners of Liverpool football club tire of him and Luis Suarez. Liverpool actually issued a statement saying that a handshake would go ahead in the premier league game with Manchester United but Suarez obviously didn't get the memo!

It was great to see Man United win the match 2-1 although it should have been the hammering I predicted in my last post. We were clearly the better football team on the day and the start to the second half was fantastic. Again Paul Scholes pulled the strings for Man United and found plenty of space to work the ball around the field. He made some lovely runs into the box, had a header saved by Pepe Reina and linked up very well with Danny Wellbeck, Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney and Antonio Valencia.

Ryan Giggs made some nice dribbling runs and Valencia was showing what good form he is in by constantly working Henrique down the flank. Danny Wellbeck was a constant threat and showed a very good first touch today, Rooney was immense and scored both of our goals with great finishes. Luis Suarez decided to blast the ball towards the Man United bench at half time prompting confrontations in the tunnel between Man United and Liverpool players. Apparently the Police became involved as well as stewards.
There was a bit more of a kerfuffle after the game also, Patrice Evra was clearly very emotional and was celebrating the victory with all the fans around the stadium and Phil Dowd reacted as he got close to Suarez by stopping the Manchester United captain from entering the tunnel unitil all the Liverpool players had gone in.

I think the scoreline decieves as United sat back instead of going for the kill, a little like they did against Chelsea after equalising. Liverpool scored from a set peice in the last Ten minutes through Luis Suarez of all people. It didn't manage to ruin my day though as we saw the game out having only to defend long balls into Andy Carroll. Surprisingly he was beaten in the air twice by Rafael Da Silva. Thankfully we won the match and that's the main thing if we want to retain the premier league title.
Manchester United are now top of the premier league at least until City play Aston Villa tomorrow. I doubt Villa will win the game but who knows.

Pictures from the Chelsea vs Manchester United premier league match last week. More images at

BBC news have all the post match interview videos from Sir Alex Ferguson, Kenny Dalgleish and Wayne Rooney.  Plus Patrice Evra celebrating around Manchester United s stadium and the Luis Suarez handshake that never was.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Manchester United vs Liverpool will be a tense affair. #mufc

This weekends Premier League is gonna be huge guys n girls. We play the Klanfield racists again! This week the Scousers are coming to Old Trafford, I hope we smash them. I think we will too, we have been scoring freely we just need to stop leaking goals like we have been lately. Against Chelsea we showed both our strengths and weaknesses.

In the FA Cup loss to Liverpool we played well but still conceeded soft goals. Thankfully the absent Wayne Rooney and Luis Nani will be available.
so I hope we can defend a bit better and if so I am sure we will win. The atmosphere is going to be insane, especially after the scousers booes Patrice Evra at Klanfield in support of racism charged Luis Suarez. Apart from that there isn't much news on the United front today.
I've picked up a couple of news stories from the webs so here is an update: 
Ravel Morrisson left Man United during the January transfer window and is already acting the fool at West Ham United. He has been investigated by the FA for making homophobic comments on Twitter . The conversation was a confrontational one in whch he challenged a user to 'slap' him if he sees him around Manchester. The kid really is totally stupid. 
Edwin Van der Saar, Man United ex keeper has commented on David De Gea's debut season at Man United and has been basically told to man up and deal with it. I couldn't agree more as if De Gea is going to succeed at United he has to be able to take the pressure and respond positively to the huge responsibilty laid on his shoulders. It is the only way he is going to improve and survive at Manchester United. After losing in the FA Cup to Liverpool Man utd have a chance to regain some pride and hopefully some confidence for the Premier League rematch.

( Reuters ) - Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson says it is time that soccer took a hardline stance against racism and that he could not believe the problem had re-emerged in the sport. Speaking before Saturday's clash with Liverpool at Old Trafford, their first league meeting since Liverpool's Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez served an eight match ban for racially abusing United defender Patrice Evra at Anfield in October, Ferguson told CNN: "I don't understand at all where its coming from. "This is a moment where we have to take stock and we should do something about it, if it's surfacing again, and be really hard and firm on any form or shape of racism.

"There have been a couple of examples recently which is not good. In 2012 you can't believe it. It was obvious maybe 20 years ago and the improvements have been there for everyone to see." Suarez missed the FA Cup win over the Premier League champions on January 28 while still banned but he returned to the Liverpool side as a substitute against Tottenham Hotspur on Monday and is likely to play at Man United at the weekend. Chelsea skipper John Terry is awaiting trial in July after being charged with racially abusing Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand, which Terry denies. However, he was stripped of the England captaincy last week by the English FA, who ruled he could not lead the England team until the trial was over. (Reporting by Mike Collett; Editing by Alastair Himmer)

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United top soccer's rich list

AP Photo/Arturo Rodriguez

LONDON ( AP ) -- Real Madrid and Barcelona are soccer's biggest moneymakers for the third straight year and look set to top their rivals for the foreseeable future.The annual review of soccer finance by Deloitte shows Madrid topping the list for the seventh straight year with revenue of $636.5 million for the year ending June 30, an increase of 9 percent from the previous 12 months. 

English Premier League champions Manchester United was again third with $487.2 million, the highest of four English clubs in the top 10. Bayern Munich was fourth at $426.6 million, with Arsenal, Chelsea, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Liverpool and Schalke next. One more year at the top for Madrid would equal United's No. 1 streak from 1997-2004 but the accountancy firm says on-field success could yet push Barcelona into first place next year. 

Barcelona trails Madrid by seven points in the Spanish league but its revenue increased 13 percent to $599 million and it could rise further if the team retains the Champions League title. Defending Spanish and European champion Barcelona receives about $40 million per season in a sponsorship deal from the Qatar Foundation and earned $68 million from the Champions League, beating Man United 3-1 in last season's final at Wembley Stadium. It can already count on $4.65 million toward next year's total after winning FIFA's Club World Cup in December. "This may allow it to narrow, or even bridge, the gap to Real," 

Deloitte sports business group partner Dan Jones said. "However, relative on-pitch performance, particularly in the Champions League, may determine next year's top two Money League placings. United is certain to trail again next season after its early elimination from this season's Champions League, only the second time it has failed to progress from the group stage in 16 seasons. Madrid and Barcelona have both advanced to the last 16 and have such earning power that even a move to collective bargaining for broadcast revenue - the model long employed by England's Premier League - is unlikely to affect their financial dominance. 

Madrid earned 36 percent of its revenue from commercial activities such as merchandising and sponsorship, 26 percent from matchday income, including ticket sales, and 38 percent from broadcast agreements. The top 20 clubs in the Deloitte list generated a combined $5.8 billion over the 2010-11 season, about 3 percent up on the previous year's $5.6 billion 

Tottenham rose above Manchester City to 11th place following its run to the quarterfinals in its debut Champions League campaign, but City could leapfrog its English rival next year after six matches in this season's group stage. Borussia Dortmund, Valencia and Napoli were newcomers in the top 20, replacing Atletico Madrid, Stuttgart and Aston Villa after a season of greater domestic success. French champion Lille was the only winner of one of Europe's five major leagues - Spain, England, Italy, Germany and France - not to make it into a top 20 entirely composed of European sides. Deloitte said that Brazilian clubs Corinthians and Sao Paulo, with reported revenues of between $93 million and $106 million, would only make a top 50 list.

Feb 7 ( Reuters ) - Bulgaria's second largest mobile operator Globul, controlled by Greek telecoms firm OTE, has signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with English Premier League soccer club Manchester United, Globul said on Tuesday. "Under the agreement, Globul will offer the club's fans in Bulgaria access to exclusive Manchester United news, interviews, special features and other content over its mobile network," Globul said in a statement. "Furthermore, Globul and Manchester United will jointly develop a promotional micro site in Bulgarian and English, specifically tailored for local supporters." Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.
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