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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Animated gifs Manchester United Vs Stoke City. #mufc

I made another bunch of animated gifs, this time from Manchester United Vs Stoke City in the Premier League match last week. The gifs are all of United players and mostly of shots and goals by the reds.

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I never ended up going down to Stamford Bridge for todays Chelsea match.  I decided against it in the face of ticket prices and financial constraints.  It's a shame really because it just means less chance to make any videos from the stands.  Nevermind though, I will be back at the game this week and make some vids as best as I can.

Today was a crazy game, I thought we were going to beat Chelsea convincingly but for some reason we couldn't seem to trouble the keeper too much.  I am a bit gutted really,  I mean ffs! we scored 5 goals and didn't win!  Chelski really are struggling this season, compared to United and after all the injuries we've had and still have, I am confident that once back up to full strength and with a more consitent selection we will be even stronger.

 I was pretty surprised to hear more racist sympathisers at Stamford bridge this Sunday.  But it was obvious that after John Terry was charged by the Police with racist abuse charges, that his supporters decided Rio Ferdinand was somehow to blame.  This, even though he was not involved in the incident between Anton Ferdinand (Rio's brother) and Two-time demoted England captain John Terry.  I was in shock when we went Two nil down today, and Rio was not having a great game as he scored an own goal to make it Three.

Maybe the boos unsettled him, maybe they didn't but I'm incredulous as to why this is happening now.  Have these sentiments been hiding so close to the surface all this time?  I am proud of the steps we have made in this last 20 years of my life but it now seems obvious that we still as a society have a way to go before we grow out of racism. I have to say this sounded like a much smaller minority than that which was heard booing at Anfield last week but that's not to say it was any less retarded behaviour.

 It would have been nice to have been in a position to give the young Paul Pogba some more game time after his promising EPL debut against stoke city last weekend.  However I am confident he will get plenty of chances in the near future and I look forward to seeing him alongside the old master Paul Scholes.

Manchester United still have a huge injury list, in fact United have more players injured than any other team.  They have also pretty much topped the injury list all season.  For some reason Manchester United's players cannot stay injury free for long at all.  That is except for the robot-like Patrice Evra who just never gets injured.

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