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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool. Luis Suarez shuns Patrice Evra. + Chelsea HQ images. #mufc

The Premier League match of Manchester United versus Liverpool football club was always going to be a lively one with an electric atmosphere but Luis Suarez did everything he could to make sure the racism saga continued. Refusing to shake Man United captain Patrice Evra s hand set the tone right away, and showed his true colours. Luis Suarez does not know the meaning of sportsmanship or respect for the opposition. I cannot believe that he has been allowed to embarrass Liverpool football club this much. I also am stunned that Kenny Dalgleish can say that this man is innocent of any wrong-doing. I wonder how long it will be before the new owners of Liverpool football club tire of him and Luis Suarez. Liverpool actually issued a statement saying that a handshake would go ahead in the premier league game with Manchester United but Suarez obviously didn't get the memo!

It was great to see Man United win the match 2-1 although it should have been the hammering I predicted in my last post. We were clearly the better football team on the day and the start to the second half was fantastic. Again Paul Scholes pulled the strings for Man United and found plenty of space to work the ball around the field. He made some lovely runs into the box, had a header saved by Pepe Reina and linked up very well with Danny Wellbeck, Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney and Antonio Valencia.

Ryan Giggs made some nice dribbling runs and Valencia was showing what good form he is in by constantly working Henrique down the flank. Danny Wellbeck was a constant threat and showed a very good first touch today, Rooney was immense and scored both of our goals with great finishes. Luis Suarez decided to blast the ball towards the Man United bench at half time prompting confrontations in the tunnel between Man United and Liverpool players. Apparently the Police became involved as well as stewards.
There was a bit more of a kerfuffle after the game also, Patrice Evra was clearly very emotional and was celebrating the victory with all the fans around the stadium and Phil Dowd reacted as he got close to Suarez by stopping the Manchester United captain from entering the tunnel unitil all the Liverpool players had gone in.

I think the scoreline decieves as United sat back instead of going for the kill, a little like they did against Chelsea after equalising. Liverpool scored from a set peice in the last Ten minutes through Luis Suarez of all people. It didn't manage to ruin my day though as we saw the game out having only to defend long balls into Andy Carroll. Surprisingly he was beaten in the air twice by Rafael Da Silva. Thankfully we won the match and that's the main thing if we want to retain the premier league title.
Manchester United are now top of the premier league at least until City play Aston Villa tomorrow. I doubt Villa will win the game but who knows.

Pictures from the Chelsea vs Manchester United premier league match last week. More images at

BBC news have all the post match interview videos from Sir Alex Ferguson, Kenny Dalgleish and Wayne Rooney.  Plus Patrice Evra celebrating around Manchester United s stadium and the Luis Suarez handshake that never was.
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