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Monday, 20 February 2012

Sir Alex interview and Images from Manchester United vs Liverpool Feb 2012 #mufc

Sir Alex Ferguson has given an interview for BBC Radio 5 with Spoony:

This is just a quick update as I have been very busy this weekend, I shall be making some animated gifs from the Europa League match in Amsterdam against Ajax and I will make some videos at the home leg when Ajax come to Old Trafford.

I read that Luis Suarez is planning on attending the Ajax return leg at Old Trafford, if this is true and it has been mentioned in the press then I can only say what the f@ck!  If Kenny Dalgleish and Liverpool can't stop this idiot attending then they deseve all the criticism they get.  This attention seeking tosser is trying to put himself in the spotlight again regardless of the impact on anyone else, his club included.

It seems that Luis Suarez wants to keep this going and the President of Uraguay has shown surprising lack of understanding and civilisation by backing Luis Suarez no matter what.  It beggars belief that som many people acting so ignorantly in regards to such a serious issue. It is becoming more and more obvious to me the England does more to deal with racism and seems to understand the issue better than any other country in the world.  It really makes me proud and I can only imagine how stressful it must be to be black in one of these other countries.

Unfortunately as players come back from injury we manage to lose others.  It was great to see Tom Cleverley back from injury but to lose Antonio Valencia who is one of our most in form players is quite depressing.

As you can see from this injury list: as of 20th February 2012 Manchester United have 10 player injured.  It seems that United just cannot get this number below 10, how we are in the current league position whilst managing what amounts to half a squad I do not know.  If it wasn't for Man United genious manager Sir Alex Ferguson I'm sure we would be further down the table.

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