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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Injuries add to the pain of failing to reach the semi's. #mufc

Another bunch of injuries to add to my list of gripes this week.  It's not been a good one.  Last weekend the injury list seemed to be shrinking as players returned from a variety of injuries.  However, last night was a real injury nightmare:  Rafael Da Silva has recently returned from injury only to be subbed in the game due to a new injury.    His twin brother who is also injury prone had to limp off the pitch in the first half.  I cannot believe how many times the twins have been injured, they seem to have the worst fortune ever.  Dimitar Berbatov was also added to the injury list last night,  he was seen wearing a foot cast/brace later in the evening.

So aside from the injury list growing, I am a bit depressed due to our recent results and performances.  We seem to have taken our foot right off the pedal and I hope we can retrieve some urgency in our play.  Last night against Crystal Palace we moved the ball slowly through the midfield and there was a real lack of movement from our midfield and attacking players.  I felt so depressed watching that game.

It was a similar story against Newcastle and we paid the price in that game also.  Even though from where I was stood Newcastle should never have been awarded a penalty the linesman imagined he saw a foul and mis-lead the referee enough for him to change his original and correct decision.

Anyway, next stop is Villa Park on Saturday and I will be there singing my heart out as usual.  I have just decided to do the Fulham trip on the 17th of December also.  That should be pretty awesome and I'm gonna stay overnight in London just to make sure I have plenty of shandy drinking time!

Here are some HD images from the Newcastle game at Old Trafford last Saturday:

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