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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Manchester United images VCs Otelul Galati and my most tragic Derby ever. #mufc

Well what a crap weekend it's been!!  I suppose we had it coming the way we started the season.  All too often we have failed to really punish teams after dominating posession and our midfielders have left our defence exposed time and again.  I feel we gave too many chances to Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Basel.  I remember Norwich wasting chances at Old Trafford too.  I hope that now we can really start to address theses issues and I am sort of glad that we are no longer in our comfort zone, I hope to see a big reaction from the players and staff at Carrington.

I am off to Everton on Saturday but I won't be at the Aldershot game unfortunately so I will have to wait until then to see our response.  I believe we will see a totally different team tonight anyway.  Hopefully Berbatov and Owen will get time on the pitch and maybe even Paul Pogba.  I need to see a few games now to rid the painful memories of the Derby from my mind! I really couldn't believe the result as at half time I thought we were watching a repeat of the Charity Shield, safe in the knowledge that we'd soon score and go on to win the game.  I couldn't have been more wrong and I was dismayed as I saw Johnny Evans sent off.  I couldn't see what happened from the Stretford End so was left guessing as to why he was sent off.  From that moment I felt we would really struggle and we did.  Oh well, it's in the history books now and hopefully won't mean much by the time Christmas comes around.

                                                                                           Here are some images from the Otelul Galati match in Romania.  From

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