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Monday, 9 January 2012

Manchester City FA Cup away trip diary. #mufc

It was an early start on Sunday, me and 10 mates planned on heading to the match from a pub in my local area.  We chose a Wetherspoons and I think it's fair to say City fans like a Wetherspoons as much as anyone. Maybe it's the cheap beer, maybe it's the depressing atmosphere, or maybe it's the smell of dust and cobwebs.  Who knows but the place was full of toothless geezers with City apparel that looked like it was bought on their famous European cup run of '69. 

We got a couple of mini-buses to take us to the Wastelands AKA The Council Shed AKA Etihad F.C stadium.
I was pleasantly surprised to see alcohol on sale at the ground as so many teams won't sell to away fans.  I suppose Citeh need all the offset they can mustser in order to continue their ridiculous FFP flouting spending.

The game was almost over by half time so I was kind of surprised to see City come back to 3-2.  I think it killed the atmosphere a bit and I don't think anyone enjoyed the second half anywhere near as much as the first.

Seeing Scholesy return was incredible, I love the little genius and was sad to see him Retire.  I feel he was a key player in our 19th Premiership title season last year.  At the start of the Season he simply carried the team I feel.

I am about to watch the game again as I can never see what's happening at the ground.  I just go to sing and have a laugh so I always have to watch a replay to see what really happened on the pitch!
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