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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Anfield boos Evra in support of racist Suarez. #mufc

When Anfield, and I say Anfield because it was obviously the majority of Liverpool fans in the ground, started booing Evra each time he was in possesion I realised that they were saying it's in their view wrong to stand up to racism.

That is the only crime Evra has committed, to stand up and be counted in support for modern day civilised values.  For them to imply that he is a villain in the scandal that erupted after Luis Suarez racially abused him is to my mind incredibly saddening.  We have virtually taken backward steps in time, the progress made in the fight for an end to racism in football has been halted in Liverpool.  That is a fact. 

'Kin King Kenny and his Klan have excercised such ignorance and recklessness that they have undoubtedly set the stage for a whole new wave of victims to be made.  We have already seen the effect:  A Liverpool fan has been caught on camera doing something I haven't seen in a while and hopefully won't see again: the monkey impression.

My mind boggled as I heard the scousers sing we're not racist, we only hate mancs.  Only seconds before they started to boo a man who their own player admitted to racially abusing. I feared that KKKs comments during the debacle sent all the wrong signals to fans around the world, but most importantly to the Liverpoo fans.

He was encouraging the fans to support a man who I am certain would have been sacked from Manchester United and I hope from any other huge club like Liverpool. Because we must acknowledge Liverpools' global recognition, even if they haven't won a league title in donkeys years they have international exposure and a massive fan base accross the world.  What 'Kin King Kenny has done is to in my opinion, is to ignore the obvious consequences and advice from his PR team and forge ahead in blind support of guilty racist for one simple selfish and stupid reason.  To keep his best player.  The sheer naivity of such a decision points to a level of ignorance and selfishness that is inexcusable for a professional football manager.

i really  cannot see any other reason for him to support Suarez, because if a player is going to behave like that he will only be detrimental to the club it's public image and it's global appeal.  This is the point at which I believe KKK put his own career and success as a football manager ahead of the clubs interests.
It's certainly not the love-in that Klanfield boasts about but more like that they are being shafted by 'kin King Kenny.  And looking at the league position they hold, without so much as a reach-around to take the pain away.

I say good effin' luck to them, I can only see this ending badly.  It's a bit like the blind leading the blind but they can still distinguish colours.

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